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The Run Tool

The Run Tool is the built in task builder to Data Sync. It enables you to run multiple tasks, such as Data Sync projects, in a sequence and then schedule these to run unattended.

To schedule your projects you can use either Ouvvi or Windows Task Scheduler.


Please note that you will need the minimum of a Server License to run your Data Sync projects unattended.

Run Tool

You can either open the run tool from the start menu or from Data Sync by going to Tools > Open in Run Tool.

Open Run Tool

You will need to start by saving the Run Tool project so that you set the working directory.

To do this click onto the Save icon to open the file explorer.


Running the Steps/Project

Once you have added Steps to your Run Tool project you can start the project by clicking Run in the toolbar menu.

Run Project

Run From the Command Line

You can also run your Run Tool Project manually from the command line, for example you could use the following script to run a Run Project called Project:

 C:\Program Files\Simego\Data Synchronisation Studio 3.0\Simego.DataSync.Run.exe -execute "project.dsrun"

For more information on Command Line options, please see the Command Line page.